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19. Feb 2011

It is ready!
Our V-friend ThunderChild has developed an amazing paper model instruction for the Skyfighter, Transport and Tanker.
And - it is free to download for all !


10. Sept 2010

ThunderChild made the skyfighter smaller, with a few changes here and there and with some extra parts.
He have also plans to make the skyfighter tanker version too.

17. May 2009

Mike Hungerford made a instruction to the bigger V-Skyfighter-model.
Have fun!



06. May 2009

Some people ask for the Pepakura-File of the bigger Skyfighter and here it is:


15.November 2008

It's done! Here is the little "easy to build for everyone" V Skyfighter:

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19.October 2008

A few days ago another V-fan created a paper foldable "My V friend". You can find it on Bryan Greens website http://www.paperfoldables.com/vguy_paperfoldable.pdf .

So I decided to make a papercraft of a Visitor Skyfighter. Many thanks to Claudio Dias who developed it and made a long dream becomes true.

Here is now the result. Some parts are a little bit difficult because they are very small, but with time and patience you will make it. It takes me approx. 15 hours to build the papercraft.


download pdf-file                          Hint: - use a toothpick for smaller parts

The download of the pdf-file is free. But I had some costs to get it developed.
So if you have fun and like it I would be glad if some of you visitors ;) could donate some Euro or Dollar. I will give it for a good purpose.

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